Suntan at FABIO is to Tan safely, our Center has with latest technology in tanning, our  solarium is of the most advanced on the market and complies with the European UNE / in 60335-2-27, this concern by offering the most high security, has become a member of the Spanish Association of tanning to FABIO.



In FABIO we highly appreciate your time. For this reason we have cutting-edge technology that ensures you Tan more quickly, thanks to our solarium of high pressure with ultra-quick facial 2 in FABIO you can Tan in brief presentations of 10 to 20 minutes.



Maximum hygiene is one of the fundamental in FABIO premises, so you can tan with total peace of mind, we disinfect the solarium after each session, in FABIO we also have a shower in the room of the solarium.



Tanning should be a relaxing activity, that FABIO our solarium this air-conditioned to  prevent you sudes and passes heat during the session.



1 10-minute session € 3,00
1 session of 20 minutes € 6,00
10 bonus sessions of 10 minutes € 22,50
10 bonus sessions of 20 minutes € 45,00
15 bonus sessions of 10 minutes € 26,50
15 bonus sessions of 20 minutes € 53,00