We have a large space, the center boasts a wide variety of treatments between the most  common hair removal, makeup, manicure, pedicure, etc.

Tariffs that keep an unbeatable quality/price ratio.


Hair removal with cold and hot wax:

-Depilation abdomen.

-Delivery armpits.

-Depilation mustache / upper lip.

-Depilation arms.

-Depilation legs.

-Election depilation.

-Extraffle dissipation.

-Depilation back.

-Depilation of shoulders.

-Extilation of engraving.

- Brazilian engraving depilations.

-Interglute decryption.

-Depilation line alba.

-Depilation ears.

-Powder / torax removal.

-Depilation pubis.



-Make-up of street.

-Make up makeup.

- Party makeup.

-Makeup of boyfriend.

-Beautiful makeup.


Manicure and pedicures:

-OPI management.

-Manicure French OPI.

-OPI Color Gel Handle.

-OPI spa manicure.

-OPI pedestrian.

-Picture gel color OPI.

-PRO spa pedicure.



-For cleansing.

-Facial treatments.

-Corporal treatments.

-Permanent eyelashes.

-Piling legs.

-Piling body.
-Tint tabs.

Sale cosmetics